3 Fantastic Tips for Beginners in Golf Battle


The internet is full of Variety of games, and they all are enjoyable. Today one of the top trending games is The Golf Battle. The game is based on golf courses, and it is offered by the Miniclip. In the gameplay, we will get additional features like awesome visual graphics, and it is only suitable for android mobile. The players can download the game by the Google store or official game website. It is free for everyone, but for extra fun, we need to pay real money for it.

There are lots of live matches and tournaments, and you have to go with proper rules for playing. The currency is an important factor of the game, and without it, we cannot upgrade many things. You have to be a concern on it and make more currency with The Golf Battle Cheats. Along with currency, the right ways for playing are also significant, and here we are providing tips for it.   

Use best angles for a shot 

It all about hitting skills and the players have to be ready for smashing more goals. For it, you have to choose the best angle and control on your speed. Perfection is not a one day task, and we should daily practice for it.

Compete in rush mode 

Rush mode is the fastest way of leveling up, and you have not much time

Lifeafter – How to Get Money and Gold Bars?

Lifeafter is an amazing game in which gamers have to kill more and more zombies in order to survive for a long time. When you start playing the game, then your first step is to choose a character so that you can easily complete the tutorial.

What’s more? In order to get every type of funds, then you need to accomplish a lot of tasks or even in an appropriate manner. If you want to generate In-Game Items in an excess amount, then you can take help from Lifeafter Cheats 2019 without spending your real or virtual money.

In-Game Currencies!

There are two types of currencies available in the game, which is in the forms of money and gold bars, so gamers need to earn them as much as they can.


One can easily obtain money by selling things in the market. If you sell just small pieces of stuff in the game, then you will earn a small amount of money for your living. In-App Purchases is also a good way to buy cash by spending your real-life money.

Gold Bars!

Gold Bars can be earned by crafting the bag packs in Lifeafter game. As soon as you complete more and more missions, then you can get gold bars as a reward and bonuses. Lifeafter Cheats 2019 is the best tool for getting every type of resources in

How to Get Cash and Coins in NBA Live Mobile?

If you are a fan of playing a basketball game, then you should try NBA Live Mobile game once. Here you can make your strong team by choosing the skilled players from the main menu and ready for playing. Gamers have only objective in the game is to obtained cash and coins by defeating other team members.

However, as we all know that currencies are crucial of the game that helps the gamers in every aspect but make sure they must best use of them. If you are unable to collect In-Game Credits, then make use of nba live mobile hack to get unlimited funds without spending a single cent on it.

In-Game Credits!

There are two types of currencies available in NBA Live Mobile Game which is in the forms of cash and coins, so make sure you need to obtain as much as possible. Let’s discuss earning methods in the upcoming paragraphs.


Cash is the primary currency in the game that can be earned by completing daily challenges which will give you on a regular basis. Not only is this, but In-App Purchases is also the best store to buy cash or any other game items by exchange it with real-life money.


Coins are the secondary In-Game Currency that can be obtained by defeat other team members or win every match as a reward. Thus it

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – What’s interactive

There is no doubt in the fact that dragon ball Z dokkan battle is played by millions of gamers and it has good rating over google play store as well as on Apple App Store. It is one of the most popular games and you can download it for free. However, do you know that what’s interactive in the game Well, the gameplay and features. These are making it easier to use and play. The interface is little bit dense but you will get used to it in few days. Everyone want to be the best gamer here and it isn’t possible until you have good amount of resources. Zeni and Diamond stones are the currencies here however the earning methods are few. Most probably, you will be looking for the in-app purchases but hold on! There is no need. You can get started by following some of the basic tips that we have mentioned below because Dragon Ball Legends Hack can help in progression as well as earning good amount of currencies. Make sure that you learn the basics from tutorials.

Learn The Pure Basics

It is true that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is dense and confusing due to so many options. In order to get rid of every issue, you need to learn the method to play. The tutorials and tweaks are basics for sure but